The first cigar conservation and tasting assistance service for professionals

Optimize the preservation of your cigars

The “PRESERVATION” mode of the H1, the first intelligent hygrometer, estimates the moisture content of cigar leaves and suggests settings to ensure optimum preservation in the humidor.

Follow the recommendations displayed on the screen to adjust your humidor to the best possible conservation conditions.
Unprecedented calculations:
H1 continuously measures the temperature and relative humidity of the air in your humidor. H1 evaluates whether cigar humidity is acceptable or not. Everything is displayed on the screen.
Simple, continuous diagnostics:
H1 provides a diagnosis of your cigars’ storage situation. What are the temperature and humidity levels of your cigars?

Low Medium High
Tailor-made recommendations:
Personalized advice helps you maintain the optimum level of cigar moisture. Here’s an example:

• Without changing the current temperature, what is the relative humidity to respect the 70/70 rule?

• Without changing the current temperature, how much relative humidity is needed to bring the cigar’s humidity up to the maximum admissible level?

• What should be the ideal level of temperature and relative humidity?

Let your customers explore the soul of cigars

Analyze the very heart of a cigar, thanks to H1’s exclusive technology for an exceptional tasting experience. Turn every sale into a rewarding experience, by sharing the unique knowledge and data that only our service backed by H1’s on-board technology can provide.

The “TASTING” mode lets you display temperature, relative humidity and cigar moisture to your customers.

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Our HULECOS PREMIUM service is especially designed for cigar professionals – manufacturers, lounges and retailers – to simplify monitoring and adjustment of storage conditions. Every humidor manager can now simply and easily manage the humedor.

Flexible and adapted to every need, the H1 product is an essential component of the service, operating both in fixed mode, connected to the mains, and in nomadic mode, thanks to its long-life 10-hour battery.

In addition, the device features automatic electronic recalibration to maintain flawless accuracy.


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* or €160 set-up fee & €20/month if billed annually
* €40 reimbursed from the second contract, i.e. 120 net instead of €160 .

Cigar preservation:
a scientific challenge

Preserving the full flavour of cigars, while avoiding the risk of mould and insect infestation, requires precise humidity & temperature management. Relative humidity, which is often emphasised, is not enough on its own to guarantee optimum cigar preservation. The relative humidity indicated on traditional hygrometers measures the level of water vapor saturation in the air, as a percentage. EMC is the measure of the moisture content of cigar leaves.

The temperature plays an important role, and is always combined with relative humidity to define the moisture content of cigar leaves. Furthermore, temperatures in excess of 24°C can lead to the development of ladybug eggs, which can have a devastating effect on your cigars.

Cigar leaves are hygroscopic and have a key property: EMC. EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) is the water content that leaves reach when in equilibrium with the relative humidity of the ambient air. For example, an EMC of 10% means that 10% of the leaf's total mass is water. In this state, leaves neither gain nor lose moisture. Hulecos carries out research on EMC in its laboratories. . The EMC usually recommended for cigars is between 12 and 15%.

The relative humidity is the most important parameter for guaranteeing the moisture content of your cigar leaves. Relative humidity reflects the pressure of water vapour in the air relative to its saturation point, which is crucial in determining the absorption of moisture by cigar leaves, which are hygroscopic materials.

Optimum management of a humidor that can sometimes hold tens or hundreds of thousands of euros worth of cigars, is a complicated task. Not all humidors are equipped with precise temperature control, adequate relative humidity regulation, even ventilation, or precise measurement with a precisely calibrated hygrometer.

and excellence

By opting for HULECOS PREMIUM, your establishment becomes a HULECOS-certified space, affirming your commitment to unrivalled cigar preservation while providing exceptional quality and experience to your customers.

This commitment translates into prestigious recognition: inclusion on the list of exceptional establishments in the renowned magazine Watchonista, and a privileged invitation to our annual event, a showcase for innovation in the cigar world.

official partner of
the Cigar Smokers
World Championship

The Cigar Smokers’ World Championship (CSWC), held in over 50 countries, is the only tournament to bring together cigar enthusiasts from all over the world. HULECOS ensures perfect fairness in terms of cigar storage conditions, guaranteeing the integrity of the competition.

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The first cigar conservation and tasting assistance service for professionals

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